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Sumer is in full swing on the farmstead. We have had 3 (out of 5) of our day camps already and they have been good fun! Sweet children making summer memories & learning about horses, what could be better? The baby chicks are now beautiful pullet/cockerels and the baby kittens are fluffy & playful (3 have been adopted and 2 will stay here on the "mouse brigade".

The biggest news on the farmstead is that we have been joined by an adorable Mini-Horse we named Carl (Prince Carl or Carlos) depending on who you ask. Carl is a mere 10.1 hands and just had his first Medley rider last week. He did pretty well all things considered! Lilyana was an absolute jem putting her first ride on him. Great job Lily!

In other news, Liv and Phil are now working with a trainer who comes out to our farm. Last week was the first session & it was a good fit. The trainer was positive about the potential to 'finish' Phil and teach him more skills. It has been a long time since these two worked with a trainer & we are all very excited to see what they learn together!

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