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Winter is here

Winter is officially here on the farmstead & it brings with it a few changes that have been on the way since late fall. We recently brought home a 16 year old Mare we call Fern. She is a big sweet Friesian Draft Cross that I (Ms. Raquel) saw online at the end of October. Her story is long and bittersweet - we hope to be so blessed to be her forever-home. She had lived with her previous owner for the last 14 years of her life, so we are taking it slow and not putting pressure on her - as we know that this transition would be stressful even to the heartiest of souls. We are thankful that she is fitting in and seems to be happy and content and settling in well to her new stall & paddock.

In other news, this month we had a super enjoyable Homeschool Horsemanship class/camp during the week of 12/12. Our amazing Farrier, Adam Lorang gave a working demonstration of trimming & shoeing horses! He was such an engaging teacher & seeing the kid's excitement about getting to take a horseshoe home was so cute. We also had a Christmas party with some of our students on 12/19 which included games, cookie decorating, feeding the horses dinner & more fun! We are so blessed to know our students.

Thank you for the thoughtful Christmas gifts and cards! We hope our students enjoy our gifts <3

Happy Holidays!

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